Catbird Seat Director, Heidi Reidell asked a group of artists, “Is no man an island unto himself?”

Have you an island of your mind or one you peek at as you whiz by in your car, or one that you gaze upon from shore that lends a degree of peace, a chance for adventure for solitude or that you populate with your friends, real or imagined?

The responses to this invitation will be revealed Monday, Aug 20, 2012 with an opening from 5-7 and will continue until September 4, at 3 Dana St, in Eastport,. Look for the big clock at the corner of Water and Dana across from Tides Institute, turn up Dana, and come upstairs, to peruse the answers to these questions with responses from:

  • Bonnie Beard
  • Bev Bley
  • Jean Bookman
  • Leslie Bowman
  • Judith Colemann
  • Pat Derry
  • Martha Leister
  • James Levendosky
  • Rebecca McCall
  • Deb Nelson
  • Elizabeth Ostrander
  • Heidi Reidell
  • Yarrow Rivard
  • Frederic Silberman
  • Thomas Sundberg
  • Lee Suta
  • DianaYoung

Sail away with us, and discover a Tiny Island that speaks to you!

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