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Dastardly Dick’s Wicked Good Coffee

by David Therot

EASTPORT, MAINE – Every town needs a place where you can find a great cup of coffee and Eastport has its own in Dastardly Dick’s. Found in the midst of shops and eateries on Water Street, you can certainly bare witness to the goings on in this part of town from a comfortable stool, sipping your joe (or tea), basking in the morning light streaming in the front picture windows.

Mindy and Richard Gullen have created a welcoming little enclave in part of what was once, in its mid-century heyday, the busy Berman Mall. You can wake up to the locals chatting away about the last City Council meeting, join in on debates over crossword puzzle answers, or just enjoy some quiet time, pairing your cappuccino or cafe latte with one of their homemade pastries.

Dick’s also features a changing array of artwork on the walls from area artists, for enjoyment as well as purchase. You can pick up a copy of the local paper for information on the latest events or just ask Richard or Mindy. In addition to being masters of liquid velvet, they are well plugged-in to the local arts scene and can be found, if you’re lucky, as the musicians at local venues.

Written by Gail McGlamery

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