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A Short Gallery Talk Sponsored by the Eastport Gallery

by David Therot

A short gallery talk at noon will resume on Wednesday, August 22nd with five local artists posing the question “Is There a Women’s Aesthetic?”

Elizabeth Ostrander, Lisa Bradbury, Sharron Mack, Sherry Ashby Cunningham, and Shanna Wheelock will ask such questions as: whether women artists source work differently from men? does what feels authentic and valuable to women create different art? Gratefully, many of the historically artistic restrictions placed upon female artists have lessened. Women are now more free to explore and express in their art the integrity of their personal truths, iconography, and purpose. They now create art with a “I am” presence and sensibility. Most importantly, can these accumulated expressions in time bring about a defined women’s aesthetic?

The public is invited to hear the artists’ views and to contribute their own conclusions on the topic. The talk will be held at the Eastport Gallery.

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