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Eastport Gallery Announces Exhibition of Photographer, Gary Guisinger

by David Therot

For the first time at the Eastport Gallery well-known photographer Gary Guisinger opens a one person show entitled “8×10+1” on July 23rd. Mr. Guisinger, whose work has long been known in Washington County, is showing his hauntingly beautiful black and white photos, a dramatic departure from his editorial work with the New York Times, Associate Press, and National Geographic.

“Now when I take photos I have no preconceived agenda. I take shots of what interests me. I look for shapes, shadows, and lighting that turns a subject into what I like to see,” explains Mr. Guisinger.

Sometimes two or three months elapses before Mr. Guisinger finds that the subject he has had his eye on appears in just the right atmosphere and lighting before he snaps the shutter. Using traditional photos to capture an image, he waits until he has a finished visual and does not manipulate the photo digitally or in the darkroom.

“Light is everything to a photographer. It’s what makes interpretation possible and also what sets limits. It is critical in establishing the emotion in a finished image or what renders it transcendent and I do not rely on digital manipulation to do it. I wait for the light to surprise me and then the finished visual is there waiting to be snapped.”

There will be an opening reception for Mr. Guisinger’s show on Saturday July 28th starting at 5:00 PM. His work will be displayed until August 4th.

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