When flying to New York, most Brits take several things into account: the price of their holiday, the details of their stay and the itinerary once they get there. After finding Cheap flights to New York and excellent accommodation, the hardest thing to do is to plan everything else – where to go, where to eat, what to see.

New York provides a plethora of cultural events – Broadway shows, numerous art centers and concerts tempt tourists and locals every day. It can be exhilarating, as well as tiring to get the most of New York. Bankers, tourists and people from all over the world make the city as buzzing as it is. Flying to New York does not mean New York is the limit – especially if you are a fan of idyllic scenery and traditional American lifestyle and history. For those, wishing to experience a taste of real American life, the city of Eastport is the perfect solution.

Conveniently located near the Canadian border, Eastport has plenty to offer. Eastport is inhabited by a number of artists, writers and public figures, who add to the city’s eccentric, yet homely atmosphere. If your cheap flights package did not include accommodation – well – this is great news. Eastport is full of charming little Bed & Breakfasts, family-owned hotels and economical accommodation for the whole family. There are also a few luxury spots, for those who like to holiday in style.

Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States, and the ocean and surrounding nature are simply incomparable to anywhere else in the country. Incorporated back in 1893, the city’s local history museum offers a unique collection of traditional American memorabilia. The downtown includes 29 structures on the National Historic Register, and the one of a kind architecture makes a great contrast with the remarkable vistas of sea and islands.

Traditional American food are all available within walking distance from the city’s main streets. Many eateries offer locally caught seafood, for an enriched gastronomic experience. Picturesque natural landscapes surround the city, providing relaxation and inspiration. Activities, such as kayaking, whale-watching, fishing and hiking are easy to organize, and are a great way to experience a unique, active holiday. The city is for the romantic souls too – there are a number of idyllic rocky beaches, perfect for spending quality time with a loved one.

You can also hire a fishing boat and explore the surrounding islands or go deep-water fishing. There is a farmers’ market every Saturday, where you can find local produce and experience the peaceful lifestyle of the Eastport residents.

Eastport is an exclusive location, offering an unforgettable holiday for everyone, who wishes to experience more from their American holiday. Whereas areas, such as New York, LA and Las Vegas and very commercial and mainstream, a holiday to Eastport can guarantee you a vacation that not many have experienced. Eastport is a flourishing city; its inhabitants are friendly and eager to share their city with tourists. Make sure you get the most out of your cheap flight deal to New York, and experience the hidden gem of America.

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