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Walking Eastport is the Way to Go

by David Therot

Comprising less than four square miles, Eastport is the perfect city to walk in! Besides the scenery, wildlife is abundant on and around the island. Bald eagles, minke whales, and seals are just some of the animals you might encounter, so bring binoculars if you have them.

Also, the island is filled with apple trees, blueberries, raspberries, and lingonberries, so any walk can result in a nice treat along the way. A natural eating walk tour of the island!

It might be a small island, but there are a few different walking options available. Here are three we enjoy.

Option 1 – Downtown Walk
A nice stroll into downtown takes you by several art galleries, a hardware store, several restaurants, library, and post office, with a picturesque view of Passamaquoddy Bay and the Canadian maritimes.

The sidewalks downtown are in excellent shape and the there are several benches to relax and take in the crisp sea air. The breakwater houses the U.S Coast Guard station and you will always see people fishing and keeping an eye out for whales.

This walk is a perfect introduction into Eastport.

Option 2 – South End Stroll
The South End of Moose Island has a colorful history where over 100 years ago, the shadier aspects of business took place. Nowadays, the South End is a collection of smaller homes mixed in with open meadows, old farm land, and many apple trees.

A few sand beaches are located on the this section of the island and offer some fantastic views of Lubec, Campobello Island (Canada), and Cobscook Bay. Looking south in the late afternoon, you might see the fog begin to roll in, which has a calming effect.

Option 3 – North End Tour
The Old Sow Whirlpool is located on the North End of the island, the largest whirlpool in the Northern Hemisphere. The ferry goes very close to the whirlpool, so if you hop on it going to Canada, you might see it.

The homes in this section of town are much larger in size, as this part of town is where the wealthier citizens use to live. The architecture is varied with intricate features on several homes.

The views from the North End are stunning. Deer Island (Canada) and several islands, with beautiful homes on them, are located in the Bay. Whales can be seen in this area in late summer so keep an eye out!

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