As I sit here in my toasty warm office, my window overlooks the apple tree that I grafted back in college. I was proud to plant it. The variety of it escapes me. I have never seen many apples on it, nor on the wild apple tree that was here when we purchased the house 27 years ago.

My occupation is the reason why. Owning my own horticultural business, I just never wanted to spend my free time pruning my own apple trees! In college I was taught that you can’t grow fruit trees without a regimented spray schedule of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

I have learned so much since.

Eastport’s apple trees are abundant and with the local organic food movement in high swing, I can’t understand why we are not trying to save these apple trees. Far too many apples go to waste on this island.

The following workshop will teach you how to get your apple trees to a healthy state, to produce semi perfect apples and reduce common insects and diseases by adding beneficial plant options that attract beneficial insects, that keep nature in balance.

Join us for this workshop, so we can change this one tree at a time.


Eastport Maine Wild Apple Workshop
March 16, 2013 • 9am-12pm

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