Downeast Maine Photographer and Eastport resident, Rob Derry, leads off the 2012 Eastport ArtWalk at the Eastport Breakwater Gallery on June 15th with an opening of his exhibit, “Colors of Eastport” from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Rob has always enjoyed visiting eye-catching locales and taking photographs has allowed him to revisit those places over and over again.

Since using a digital camera he has found interests varying from landscapes and flowers, to more unusual subject matter on the coast of Maine. The digital photos in this show, all taken in Eastport, Maine, range from fishing gear on the breakwater, old boats, and the, now removed, CONSEA buildings on the south end of the island. Rob is an expert at composition and at capturing texture through natural light and contrasts. He brings an artistic touch to his images with vivid coloration enhancement to further highlight details of local scenery that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Eastport ArtWalks are held on the third Friday of each of the summer months, June through September. Many of Eastport’s art galleries and shops are within the walkable downtown area. The event encourages venues to stay open later, and some even offer light refreshments, to provide the public an opportunity to enjoy art-filled evenings.

The exhibition runs from June 15th to July 18th.

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